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We were founded as a grassroots student-led organization two years ago. Today, we've grown to include team members from across sectors and from across the province of Ontario; we've incorporated into a provincial not-for-profit; and we're taking on province-wide initiatives and activism. ​

But to succeed in truly changing the gender-based and sexual violence landscape on post-secondary campuses, we need your support! Now that we are a not-for-profit and lobbying on larger stages, we need financial stability to keep growing! 

The reality is: our university communities are struggling to overcome the persistent and entrenched systems which allow this violence to occur in our educational and campus spaces. We believe that, without province-wide activism and legislative changes, we will not be able to address gender-based violence adequately.


Safe Campus Coalition is dedicated to leading the charge, in Ontario, to ensure that these changes happen, and quickly. Your support is crucial to our efforts to improve the world around us by, first and foremost, establishing a financial presence; by lobbying at Queen's Park for better institutional support; and by continuing to support local campus communities. 

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